The first number is the value of this cartridge, and the last number is the value of the most powerful round in our bullet database. Sako has taken all of the features and functionality from its web version of the Ballistics Calculator and developed a user-friendly interface for the Android. Mag: Ballistics, Cost, and Accuracy It might sound crazy, but these two popular hunting cartridges have more in common than you think. Cases for the cartridge can be purchased from Norma or made in three ways: Its short powder column give it an edge in efficiency over most of the older .30 cal magnums, not including ultra magnums or wsm caliber. Necking up a 7 mm Remington Magnum case, necking down a .338 Winchester Magnum case, or running .300 Winchester Magnum cases through a full-length sizing die. Bullets have speed, are affected by gravity and air friction and can penetrate or ricochet when hitting objects, and even fragment when doing so. Red Oak, White, or Chestnut for Deer Herd? Since the first two options leave the brass a bit short, the third is generally considered to be the best option. Produces a ballistic trajectory chart and table that shows the drop, velocity, kinetic energy, windage, and trajectory of … So it's not a shocker that the .308 would be a good cartridge. .308 Ballistics Chart.308 Winchester 125gr has a BC of .366 6.5 Creedmoor vs 308 Ballistics Chart 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Ballistics Chart pictured below covers ranges of 100 yards, 200 yards and 500 yards. The PowerRank is an estimation of the cartridge power. Ballistics sc Rfli ti se i Bl al Ammo Description Velocity (m/sec) Energy (joules) Trajectory Tables (cm) GEE GEE Trajectory CARTRIDGE BULLET ITEM # B.C. Like the larger .358 Norma Magnum it is based on the .300 H&H Magnum. In this chart I lowered the velocity to I cut back a 28″ barrel 308 Winchester one inch at a time, to 16.5″, and recorded velocity data for four different cartridges. The.308 Winchester round shoots pretty flat out to 200 yards when it starts to drop. Then, it’s only a split second of accurate performance that counts. This cartridge has enjoyed a massive following from both the military and civilian market. The data was summarized in 308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO: Barrel Length versus Velocity (28″ to 16.5″). The 7.62x51 NATO is a superior round to the .223 in terms of knock down power, this fact has been tested in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 7.62x51 NATO is a … Input your hunting conditions to see the drop, drift, bullet trajectory, velocity, and energy in easy-to-read ballistics charts and And this has nothing to do with energy or penetration, but rather the ballistics. [1] The length of the case is the longest that would fit in a standard Mauser action. While it appeared to have a bright future initially, it was soon superseded in popularity by the .300 Winchester Magnum. 308 Ballistics Chart & Coefficient Article Posted: July 10, 2012 The following is a 1000 yard .308 ballistic chart that was created using our free online ballistic calculator and details all aspects of the bullets trajectory from the millisecond it leaves the barrel until the time it reaches the 1,000 yd mark. This was the main reason of the 300 Winchester Magnum's popularity over the 308 Norma Mag. the longer neck helps with seating longer/heavier projectiles better than the shorter necked 300 Win Mag. There are some .308 rounds out there that perform well at these distances as well, but generally, the .270 would be the better choice. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .25-06 Remington vs .308 Winchester ammo rounds. Like the larger .358 Norma Magnum it is based on the .300 H&H Magnum. Although rifles were available in this caliber, only brass for reloading was available in large quantities, with Norma the only manufacturer of ready-made ammo. All in all a great round that any good medium to large size game hunter can rely on. This round will also function Winchester, however, was able to produce the popular model 70 rifles in their caliber and mass-produced ready-made ammo to the American public. Over 36 years of hunting and reloading with the 308 I have learned a lot about this amazing cartridge. So in quick summary the .308 Winchester also known by it's military name the 7.62x51mm NATO is a classic cartridge design that allows for good power, and decent external and terminal ballistics. Ballistics Charts & Data When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select, or press tab to cycle through suggested products based on autocomplete results. Chart Range: 1000 yd Maximum Range: 6883 yd Step Size: 25 yd Corrected For Atmosphere Adjusted BC: 0.593 Altitude: 5400 ft Barometric Pressure: 29.92 Hg Temperature: 85 F Relative Humidity: 20% Speed of Sound: 1144 The big reason The .308 Norma Magnum (7.62×65mmBR) cartridge was created by Nils Kvale at Norma, Sweden. 308 Win 23715 150 Full Metal Jacket 9½ 0.314 200 ADD TO COMPARE Velocity (FPS) 2820 2532 2262 2009 1774 1560 Energy (FT-LB) 2648 2136 1704 1344 1048 810 DROP CHART Trajectory (Inches)-1.5 2.0 0.0-8.8-26.3-54.8 The demise of the Norma Magnum case can be summed up as a marketing failure on Norma's part. The cartridge makes use of a belted case for headspacing. Bullets also lose both damage and penetration power as they lose speed from air friction over lo… The 308 Winchester centerfire cartridge has an average fps of 2681 (average made by adding and diving all bullets in our db), average grain is 164 (they don't make 164 gr this is just the average), and has an average energy of 2617. Muzzle 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 VELOCITY *Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO) Ballistics cartridge. This energy has the advantage at longer distances and the .308 doesn’t drop as far as the .223 past 500 yards. For the most part, only handloaders need be concerned about internal ballistics and then only because it Sako Ballistics Calculator is now available on the Android. The .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO was created in 1952 and is based on the .300 savage round a round created in 1920. See below for 6.5. The first, and one of the few, manufacturers to offer rifles in .308 Norma Magnum was Schultz & Larsen of Denmark and they still are. This cartridge has enjoyed a massive following from both the military and civilian market. Looking at ballistics I see that the .243 has much less drop than the .308, would that also mean that the .243 is more accurate? The 30 06 Vs 308 ballistics are practically the same within hunting range. Compare up to 4 Winchester products and see how they compare. The .308 Norma Magnum (7.62×65mmBR) cartridge was created by Nils Kvale at Norma, Sweden. 224 Valkyrie The world’s best MSR 15 cartridge just got better. … The .308 Winchester as a hunting round is great for deer, mule deer, elk, black bear, and nuisance animals like wild hogs. This load is intended for short barrel (<20″) bolt action rifles with 1:10 or faster twist barrels. .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM), .40 Smith & Wesson, .404 Dakota, 6.8mm Remington SPC, .480 Ruger, 8x57mm Mauser JS, .270 Winchester, .224 Weatherby Magnum, .284 Winchester, .257 Roberts, .41 Remington Magnum, .357 SIG, .22-250 Remington, .38 Super Auto Colt, .243 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM). © Copyright 2015  |  Koenig Media, LLC   |   Links   |   Sitemap   |   Advertise. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles needing additional references from January 2013, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 June 2020, at 13:27. Considered the most accurate ballistics calculator program in the industry. Energy Table .308 168 Grain BT HP Energy Table Enegry Table .308cal 168gr BT HP FEDERAL .308 168-Gr. The lessons learned from this cartridge were put into the .308 and .358 Norma Magnum. .38-55 Winchester, .260 Remington, .375 Winchester, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO), 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum, .25-35 Winchester, 7-30 Waters, 7mm-08 Remington, 6.17mm (.243) Lazzeroni Spitfire, .300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum, .243 Winchester, .307 Winchester, 7.82mm (.308) Lazzeroni Patriot, .32 Winchester Special, 6.71mm (.264) Lazzeroni Phantom. vs .300 Win. It was intended for use in the German surplus 8mm Mauser M98 that flooded the American market after the war and was therefore nicknamed 'Poor Man's Magnum'. All of these rounds have well over 1, of force at the 200-yard mark, and some of them still carry this amount of force out to 300 yards. Cartridge Type: RifleHeight: 2.015"Width: 0.473"Average FPS: 2681Average Energy: 2617Average Gr: 164Recoil: 1.95Power Rank: 4.4 of 20. At 1000 yards a.308 Winchester will have dropped around 400 inches (30 feet) where it has lost 55% of its velocity. These figures give this bullet a 4.4 out of 20 power rank using our algorithm. Past 1000 Yards, however, there is a lot of visible difference on the 308 Vs 30-06 Ballistics Chart. The Discreet Ballistics 308 Win Selous Subsonic Hunting load was conceived as part of a two load system. Ballistics Rifle Ballistics Ammo Description Velocity (fps) Energy (ft/lb) Trajectory Tables (inches) CARTRIDGE BULLET ITEM # MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd MUZ 100® Bullet flight is simulated realistically in Escape from Tarkov. My personal favorite cartridge, hands down. Ballistics After extensive stalking or stand hunting, the moment comes when the hunter decides to shoot. The Federal Ballistics Calculator lets you quickly determine the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and save This load at 1,000 yards drops 480.2 inches (five feet less than the .223 above). Cartridge Type: Rifle Height: 2.015" Width: 0.473" Average FPS: 2681 Average Energy: 2617 Average Gr: 164 Recoil: 1.95 Power Rank: 4.4 of 20 The .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO was created in 1952 and is based on the .300 savage round a round created in 1920. The. On professional shooting ranges, the.30-06 is greatly shunned. .308 Win. In the late 1940s, Kvale designed a wildcat called 8mm Kvale. The 308 Norma Magnum is considered by many reloaders as a better caliber compared to the 300 Winchester Magnum that essentially replaced it. .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Lapua Scenar, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Federal Hi-Shok Soft Point, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-American Eagle (Federal) Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Federal Nosler Partition, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Remington Swift Scirocco Bonded, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Sellier & Bellot FMJ, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Federal Nosler AccuBond, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-UMC (Remington) MC, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Remington Boat Tail HP Match, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Remington Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Lapua Scenar, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Norma Alaska, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Black Hills Barnes Triple Shock, .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)-Hornady A-MAX Match. BT HP Match, Velocity in Ft-per-sec., Energy in Ft-Lbs. This post provides’s readers the complete data set for Federal 308 Winchester Gold Medal 168 grain Matchking BTHP ammunition. The Winchester Ballistic Calculator allows you to select your Winchester product and view the real trajectory from that product. Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie. Calculates the ballistic trajectory of a bullet fired from a rifle, handgun or other firearm. The specific flight characteristics of a bullet is determined by the ammo type, and the chance of a bullet penetrating or ricocheting off of an object is determined by the material of the object and the type of bullet. 270 Win Ballistics Chart & Coefficient Best 270 Win Ballistics Chart & Coefficient Article Posted: August 28, 2012 The following ins a 500 yd 270 Win ballistic trajectory and drop chart that follows a 130gr Winchester Silvertip with a ballistic coeddicient of .337 from the time it exits the muzzle until it hits the 500 yard mark. Research showed that the 308 groups about 8 inches when shot repetitively at 1000 Yards. How to Sight in a Scope - Step by Step Guide. Ammunition for this caliber is not cheap (typically US$50–60 for 20 cartridges) and as such it is mainly of interest only to handloaders who own a rifle chambered in this caliber. We do see that it is the .308 rounds that carry the most energy, but there are 7mm-08 rounds such as the Hornady SST that carries more energy than several .308 rounds. [1] The length of the case is the longest that would fit in a standard Mauser action. Center fire Rifle Ballistics: The below rifle cartridge ballistics table will give true caliber and diameter of … This would mostly be a rifle used to hunt white tail. Suggested loads: .308 Norma Magnum Barrel length: 26” No ID Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficient Observed MV Fps ME Ft-lb’s 1 HL 150gr SST/ InterBond.226.415 3300 3627 2 HL 178gr A-Max.268.495 3000 3497 3 HL 200gr Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type. Internal ballistics has to do with what happens inside the rifle from the moment of ignition to the bullet's exiting the muzzle. Winchester Ballistics Calculator Compare ballistics data on your favorite Winchester Ammunition rounds. Complete .308 Winchester ammunition ballistics Chart. The .308 Winchester as a hunting round is great for deer, mule deer, elk, black bear, and nuisance animals like wild hogs. At 300 yards it has dropped around 13 inches, and at 500 yards it’s just under 60 inches (5 feet). The shorter neck means that the projectile in certain rifles has to go deeper into the case whereby taking up more powder space. Compare all .308 ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart.--> Get your 308 Winchester Ammo from our friends at <-- … The .308 Win--MVP of Modern Cartridges Originally created by the U.S. Army to replace the 30-06, the .308 Winchester (7.62x51 in military form) ranks among the most versatile and popular centerfire cartridges in the world. Kvale used the case from the .300 H&H Magnum and reduced the rim diameter so it would fit the bolt of a Mauser M98. The test rifle was built with the following parts f… While we have went to great lengths to make sure that it's as accurate as possible this rendering should not be used to generate specs for casings. What makes the .308 such a good round?