— Renee A number of tours are due to resume next year, including Shawn Colvin (March), Chris Stapleton (April), Queen, featuring Adam Lambert on vocals (May) and Justin Bieber (summer). 40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old After 40. Without a doubt, the most anticipated event of 2021 is the arrival of the COVID vaccine in large enough numbers to finally help stem the tide of the pandemic. WASHINGTON — As the calendar flips to 2021, it's time to start planning for some of the biggest events and holidays coming up. If all goes well, it will park itself in a gravity-free spot in earth's shadow, shielded from the sun's glare, and train its powerful infrared telescope farther into deep space than any other telescope has been able to see, cutting through the cosmic fog to reveal galaxies, stars and nebulas beyond. Williams will once again … and start pursuing what you really love in … The Secret No One Knows About Dating Over 40. With Pantone's 2021 optimistic and reassuring colors of the year, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, you'll perk right up with everything from coffee mugs and dog bowls to umbrellas and T-shirts popping up in sunshiny yellows and grounded in rock-solid gray. Twitter. Williams’s most recent Wimbledon victory – her seventh – was in 2016. But the big kahuna for 2021 is Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration, expected to kick off around the park's October 1 birthday and lasting 15 months. ... As you get older, you might not be able to do the things you used to. Developed by the duo over nearly 40 years, the theory has become one of the most widely accepted frameworks of human motivation in contemporary behavioral science. Accessories turn outfits into looks. Like so many other live-music events in 2020, Eurovision, the huge international singing competition with a worldwide audience estimated at 182 million, was cancelled last year. Topping the list for Microsoft: Halo: Infinite, the first new main installment in the best-selling series since 2015, scheduled for release at the end of the year. The Covid-19 pandemic, which caused a five-month shutdown as well as the cancellation of his beloved Wimbledon, forced him to call time on his season. After you turn 40, you can eat 400 calories a day for six weeks and your body will release three pounds. It’s no good saying ‘We’re only 14 games in, there’s time’. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have released their long-awaited Christmas card, showing the pair posing with son Archie and two dogs. Things a phone does in 2021… Other experts say it may take until June. In December vacation rental service Airbnb and food delivery company DoorDash went public and promptly saw their stocks soar to the kinds of valuations not seen since the Dot.Com bubble. But the absence of awful is not enough to make 2021 a good year; we need not just a respite from the heavy weight put upon us by the pandemic but the promise of actual joy. The World in 2021 The world could turn a corner on climate change. Maybe your back gets stiff on long car rides. ... foods, products, and even legislation that will turn 100 in 2020. But countries need to commit to more cuts on emissions. But I will say this: The day after you turn 40 is when the time flies, so enjoy every second of your life because it only happens once. Narayana Murthy. Nicholas Rossolillo (TMFnrossolillo) … The famous children's show moved from PBS to HBO recently, and draws in over 150 million viewers around the world. Not that we want to … Keep scrolling to see 20 surprising things that are turning 50 this year. From science to space, healthcare to business, sports to entertainment, these are … 2020, the year things went upside down. Her last US Open win was 2014 while her most recent title run in Paris was in 2015. On a break since the show's 10-year run ended in 2004, the six pals will hang out and reminisce on their original soundstage instead of Monica's apartment or Central Perk—but as the real-life actors, not their fictional counterparts Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross. Federer is a five-time US Open winner but the last of his titles in New York came in 2008. The timeline for the rollout is ambitious, especially given the daunting logistics of distributing two-dose vaccines that must be stored at extremely low temperatures. “The big plan is to be there for the Olympics. Some of your favorite female character actors are entering their forties as well as a major tennis pro and one of Broadway's biggest stars. 2. How to be happier in 2021: Toss out your usual list of New Year's resolutions and do things that make the world a better place. Plus, for action fans, in April, there's the ninth installment of Fast and Furious and No Time to Die, the twenty-fifth Bond film, with Daniel Craig starring, presumably for the last time as 007. Here's a sampling of all the other good stuff coming your way over the next 12 months—the events, people, technology, innovations, movies, music, TV shows and more that, hopefully, will make 2021 a very happy New Year. Feeling a little blue after the last year? Expect some safety features. The Sussexes posed in front of a … But 2021, which marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the first Pokémon games in Japan, promises to top that as The Pokémon Company and developer Game Freak are known to pull out all the stops to celebrate milestones. Sometime this summer Universal Studios in Orlando is expected to unveil the "Jurassic World VelociCoaster," a high speed ride with dinosaurs at every turn poised to chomp on you and your family. Apparently, a body gets over this by 40. Spill It. His haul of 103 titles is just six short of Jimmy Connors’ all-time mark of 109. Below are five brutally honest things every woman should know when hitting the big 4-0. Look and feel your best with these easy tips. Mariners (4): Like the Tigers, the Mariners also improved in 2020, going from a .420 winning percentage in '19 to .450 this season. And June is the new date for the 50th anniversary of the Glastonbury Music Festival, postponed last year, though the timing is still tentative due to the pandemic. 1’ review: Varun Dhawan carries the burden of legacy, Fashionable dog laments outfits it could not wear in 2020, Mumbai’s Colaba before it became posh and most wanted: Nobody went there and very little happened, The story of the glow in the Arabian Sea’s dark waters has its beginnings in the Himalayas, ‘Unlivable’: IIM-Ahmedabad to demolish 14 dorms designed by Louis Kahn, Watch: The spectacular female ‘Blanket Octopus’ was seen unfurling its stunning, fleshy cape, How all Indians (including teetotallers) end up consuming a lot of alcohol without knowing it, ‘Love jihad’: Muslim teen walking back from birthday party booked under anti-conversion law in UP, Watch: Comedian Saloni Gaur recreates Kangana Ranaut-Diljit Dosanjh spat as college protest.